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Translating and Interpreting

  • Sales Brochures
  • Technical Manuals
  • OSHA Safety Information
  • Company Policy Booklets
  • Video Scripts
  • Training Manuals and Videos
  • Websites
  • Interpreting Services
  • For more than 30 years, businesses have relied on Verbal Media Services, Inc. to translate their materials from Spanish to English, or English to Spanish (also French and Portuguese).

    All our translators are specialists in various technical, scientific and business fields. More importantly, they are completely bilingual, and understand the subtleties of both languages.

    Verbal Media Services, Inc. specializes in the translations other firms either cannot, or do not want to do.  We invite you to let us bid on your next project.  Simply email your material to us and we will give you a quote and an estimated turnaround time within 24 hours.

    Audio & Video Services

    Voice-Over Talent - Whether you need voice-over talent in English, spanish, French or Portuguese, male or female, Verbal Media Services, Inc. can offer you some of the top voices in the business.  Our talent is heard virtually every hour of the day somewhere in this world.  Check out our audio samples. 

    Video Dubbing - You may already have a marketing or training video in English, but you need another language version.  Just send us a copy of your video or English audio track;  we will translate your video and record a synchronized track ready to lay a fraction of the price you paid for your English video.

    On-hold Messaging - Verbal Media Services, Inc. has provided on-hold telephone messaging for hundreds of clients throughout the nation.  We can provide the right voice for you.